Hello, I’m Alice and I like books. I like books so much I never leave the house without one, and I work with them too (children’s books, specifically). I read anything from picture books to adult novels and everything in between. Except crime and horror, because I’m a wimp.

Here you can see what I’ve been reading and what I thought of what I’ve been reading. I will read books as I normally do and post reviews of them here. These reviews may be long, short, essays, one word or a photo, but they’ll be here. I might also post some other stuff like a monthly round up, my TBR pile as it continuously grows and maybe some lists. I like lists. We’ll see.

I’m on Goodreads if you want more immediate updates – search Alibellee –  Twitter is to your right.

I should make it clear that I only read what I feel like reading – I can buy a book and leave it on my TBR pile for months, maybe years, before I feel like reading it. The same goes for books I’m given.

I should also make it clear I won’t be reviewing anything that has anything to do with my job. Aside from the fact I’m brilliantly biased because all our authors are wonderful, I feel this should be kept separate from work.


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