2014top10: The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell

In the weeks running up to New Year I’m going to post reviews of the best ten books I read this year. They will be in no particular order until the final one which is my favourite of them all.

As it stands they include four YA books, three adult, one fantasy and a graphic novel (ish). 70% of them are written by women, two are debuts and all bar three have been newly published in the UK this year. One of them is a hardback I lugged around for a few weeks, one I read in an hour, another I read twice in three hours and one of them is the most challenging books I’ve read this year.

They’re my favourites because of what they say, how I came across them, who gave them to me, how I felt reading them, their writing and how I remember them.the bone clocks

Reading The Bone Clocks isn’t far from how I’d imagine falling down the rabbit hole would be. I’m really not sure how to describe David Mitchell’s most recent book. Aside from being completely brilliant and engrossing, going into detail will give me a headache. It’s another interweaving stories book and has a wonderful habit of bringing in characters from Cloud Atlas (and apparently his other novels, but I’ve only read two so I wouldn’t know). It’s the book that made me gasp and look around at my fellow tube passengers in a sort of “why aren’t you excited by this” way. Why does the world insist on carrying on when you’re reading/watching something that needs a minute or two to be considered?

Anyway. The Bone Clocks is an absolute masterpiece. Granted, it’ll need a couple more reads, but I couldn’t be more excited about going back to it. I’m slowly buying his backlist so I can read them all in order as I recently heard him speak and he said he’s inadvertently created his own world where all his characters live and books take place. That’s such an exciting idea and I want to follow his creation from the beginning.

After Cloud Atlas, I wasn’t sure I’d read anything better by David, but The Bone Clocks is so wonderful and different, at times terrifying and all of a sudden magical and it makes him one of the most exciting authors I’ve discovered recently. I really cannot wait to read his next book, and for that matter, his first.



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