2014top10: Plumdog by Emma Chichester Clark

In the weeks running up to New Year I’m going to post reviews of the best ten books I read this year. They will be in no particular order until the final one which is my favourite of them all.

As it stands they include four YA books, three adult, one fantasy and a graphic novel (ish). 70% of them are written by women, two are debuts and all bar three have been newly published in the UK this year. One of them is a hardback I lugged around for a few weeks, one I read in an hour, another I read twice in three hours and one of them is the most challenging books I’ve read this year.

They’re my favourites because of what they say, how I came across them, who gave them to me, how I felt reading them, their writing and how I remember them.


Anyone who knows me knows I can’t see a dog without pausing mid-sentence for an “awww”. On my first day at work my boss took me to lunch and a dog was in the restaurant. I have never put so much effort into concentrating on someone in my life. I must have looked like this:


Anyway. Plumdog is the lovely graphic novel-ish book by illustrator Emma Chichester Clark about life told through her dog’s (Plum) eyes. It’s adorable and I love it and I want a dog like Plum. Featuring thoughts on walks, sticks, Christmas and cats, a year in Plum’s life is exciting and colourful, sometimes sad but always wonderful to look at. Emma’s illustrations are gorgeous and Plum’s comments are often hilarious (see: The Great Spoilsport of Our Time).

The best part about Plumdog is it doesn’t finish with the book. I could bang on and on about how wonderful and lovely it is, but I’m not going to. Instead, I’ll point you towards Plumdog Blog where it all started, and where it carries on.

Here you go. 


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